Selenia Cosmetic is the cosmetics division of Selenia Italia,

company founded in 1991 by Posarelli family.


The experience gained in the field of professional aesthetics and collaboration with researchers, physicians, chemists and important Dermatology Clinics, have enabled the company to create, through its research and development department, a new concept of high-quality and proven effectiveness products:

Dermatologically tested at the University of Pavia




The secret of beauty is wellness, in all its forms. Today all of us are more informed, aware and attentive to what can really give us benefits. The science of skincare has to go beyond the concept of luxury, pleasure and instant gratification to produce, instead, practical solutions and visible and long lasting results.

Our exclusive range of products, treatments and rituals has been designed with unparalleled dedication and with a holistic approach to skin care and attention to the individual.

Using specific natural active ingredients and unique formulas, exerting a remarkable anti-radical action, tissues regeneration is stimulated and altered functions of the skin are rebalanced. This skin care line aims to offer the most effective scientific solutions to protect the skin surface from external aggression and rebalance the internal metabolism of the skin, that at the same time causes and aggravates imperfections.




We are always careful to put our heart into everything we produce and this is proven by the attention, warmth and passion that we share with our partners, customers and beauticians.



Responsibility, respect, constructive spirit, excellence and beauty are our Values. Every day we work to make sure that the quality of our products and services is reflected into our products and services, as well as in relationships with our customers and partners.



Innovation, quality, utmost attention to detail, extreme taste for beauty and design are Italian characteristic recognized throughout the world.

These features make Selenia Italia a company dedicated to total quality: from research and development to production and care for packaging, from technical education, to relationships with customers and consumers.

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